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Low price might bring you high cost on future maintenance

From: DESAY Time:12/7/2014 9:27:22 PM

LED display project is the complicated system engineering and investment is large, so customers seriously worried about the after-sales service.

Recently, we did a survey to the customer who have been using DESAY LED displays for five years or even more. Very surprise, DESAY display not only have perfect insight, stable and reliable quality, but also requires little maintenance cost.                       

How could it be possible?
The answer is simple: details make perfect.
For example, on PCB material selection, many manufacturers choose 2 layer board, tin plating technology, and non-flame retardant materials, but DESAY stick with 4 ~ 6 layer board, gold plating, flame retardant materials. Although the cost increases, the screen display effect is better, service life is longer, more safe and reliable.
Don't look down on a piece of PCB, as bad material can lead to virtual welding, reduce LED screen lifespan, or even cause fire.

Why the U.S. presidential election, the United States National Day adhere to choose expensive DESAY display?

The customer is most intelligent. Low LED display price might bring high cost on future maintenance.

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