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Pixel Pitch
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Outdoor Rental  Display
Outdoor Rental Display
Pixel pitch: 6.25 mm
Refresh rate:3840 Hz
Brightness:5000 nits
Certification:CE,RoHS, UL

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Perfect display effect
  • Seamless locking design, deep-black louver enables a sharp and crispy screen image.
  • Unique dot- by-dot calibration  on both color and brightness of each pixel effectively erase  the dark spot and stain, achieves perfect  image quality.
  • High brightness, high refresh rate, wide viewing angle


8:9 ratio is easier to build a big display.
Both indoor and outdoor use, adjustable brightness based on enviromnent.
Enclosed cabinet design and solid cabinet structure are suitable for fixed installation, hanging, stacking and so on.

Parameter Value
Application envionment Outdoor rental
Transparency ratio(%) 0
Pixel pitch (mm) 6.25
Brightness (nits) 5000 (N)
Pixel configuration SMD 3 in 1
Scanning Mode 1/4
Panel weight (kgs) 17.2
Pixel per ㎡ 25600
Pixel matrix per panel 128×144
Display refresh rate (Hz) 3840
Input power (Max/Avg.) (w/㎡) 550/190
Panel size (W×H×D) (mm) 800×900×65
Panel area (㎡) 0.72
Panel material Aluminum
Ingress protection (front/rear) IP65/IP54
Certification CE,RoHS, UL
*Desay reserves the right to change any technical specifications without prior notice.

Application places
Indoor and outdoor rental business;
For fixed installation , please link to outdoor fixed LED screen.

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